Humanitarian Relief | 8,749 People Served in Dayr Ballut and Mahmudiyah Camps in Northwest Syria

In July 2019, an MFA container of humanitarian relief was distributed to families living in Dayr Ballut and Mahmudiyah camps in northwest Syria.

The container served 8,749 people—or 1,488 families—with relief supplies, including water treatment kits, mujadara meals, and hygiene supplies.

More than 3 million people are in need in northwest Syria. Making conditions worse, violence continues unabated. Since the end of April, more than 800 people have been killed, including some 218 children and 179 women. The impact of hostilities on women and children, who make up for the 76 percent of the total population, is particularly severe.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been forced to flee their homes to escape the violence. Between April and August alone, there have been more than 600,000 displacements. The majority of those who are displaced are moving to densely-populated areas where humanitarian assistance is over-stretched.

The medical infrastructure continues to be under attack. Since the end of April, a staggering 47 medical facilities have been bombed and 30 aid workers have been killed. Widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure, such as homes, bakeries, markets, hospitals, schools and water stations, adds to the suffering of people in northwest Syria and further complicates the provision of humanitarian assistance.

1,488 Syrian Families Served

In partnership with Watan Rise and GlobalMedic, MFA served served 8,749 people—or 1,488 families.

The relief supplies were distributed to Dayr Ballut camp and Mahmudiyah camp, where the population largely consists of residents forcibly displaced from the countryside of Damascus. Additionally, other camps residents were displaced from Al Yarmouk camp, Qalamoun, and other areas of Damascus destroyed by the Syrian regime air forces. In Afrin, there are hundreds of thousands of displaces families, with over 20,000 displaced people from Eastern Ghouta alone.

The distribution campaigns prioritized families without a breadwinner, large families, families solely of women and children, and people with disabilities.

Water in Mahmudiyah Camp

"Especially because we are close to Afrin River, we need water treatment" said a resident of Muhmadiyah camp outside the village fo Jinderes in northwest Syria.

Due to the absence of a drainage network, the quality of the water is very harmful in these areas in Afrin, where the water from surface wells is highly calcareous and contains dangerous bacteria.

This has led to the emergence of frequent water-related medical conditions among camp residents. Because of this increase in illnesses, hospitals in the region have pushed local councils and humanitarian response groups to ask donating organizations to provide more water treatment kits in order to serve the most water-polluted areas.

"We thank them [Watan Rise] for the kits that they provided us," continued the Muhmadiyah camp resident, “and we hope to receive more kits for the children, especially the water treatment and hygiene kits.”

Water Treatment Kits, Mujadarra Meals, and Hygiene Supplies

MFA and its partners distributed 1,488 water treatment kits with hygiene supplies and 320 mujadarra meal kits to the two camps.

Using Rainfresh and P&G technology, GlobalMedic developed water treatment kits to provide easy access to clean drinking water. Just one P&G packet turns 10 liters of dirty, potentially deadly water into clean and drinkable water. Each P&G kit can purify 2,400 liters of water. Each Rainfresh kit, with ceramic filters that trap harmful bacteria, can provide a family with roughly one year of water.

As part of the water treatment kits, families received basic hygiene supplies like soap bars, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and drinking cups.

GlobalMedic created a tasty and nutritious meal kit of a traditional Syrian dish, mujadarra, consisting of bulgur, lentils, and onions. Inside each plastic bucket, there are 14 mujadarra meal kits. The dish takes 20 minutes to prepare and each kit feeds 6 people.

How You Can Help!

You can support our work today by making an online donation or learning more about sponsoring your own container of relief supplies through our Fund A Container program.

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