Watch: Shadi Martini Interviewed on Lakeshore Focus

Last February, Shadi Martini, MFA's Director of Humanitarian Relief & Regional Relations, spoke with Keith Kirkpatrick on his show Lakeshore Focus. On March 17th, 2017, Shadi Martini's interview aired on Lakeshore Public Television, Northwest Indiana's PBS station.

Martini shared his story and spoke about the realities of the Syrian refugee crisis. In terms of the scope of the crisis, there are currently more Syrians displaced than the entire population of the state of Indiana. Syrian refugees that are resettled in the U.S., he said, are industrious and are immediately looking to learn the language and contribute. At the end of the segment, Kirkpatrick said, "Instead of being fearful of people, we should be treating others as we wish to be treated, loving those we don’t even know and responding to the needs of others."