An Urgent Call to Action for Syrian Refugees

In response to the Executive Order that will severely restrict refugee resettlement and broadly bar entry to the United States from several majority-Muslim countries, the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees issued the following statement and urges your immediate and consistent action:

Make this a daily activity. Refugees depend on your strong voice.

The Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees (MFA) condemns President Trump’s proposed Executive Order calling for a halt to Syrian refugee resettlement as both immoral and heartbreaking. It is also contrary to the tenets of the great religions of the world and to our American values, as well as counterproductive to our national interest.

  • Immoral

  • The Muslim ban will, in effect, be institutionalized.

  • All Syrian refugees will be barred from entry to the United States -- indefinitely.

  • All United States refugee admissions for this fiscal year will be reduced to 50,000, despite a global humanitarian crisis of unprecedented scale.

  • The entire United States resettlement program will be suspended for 120 days and resumed only for certain countries and where “sufficient safeguards” to protect against putative terrorism are in place.

  • Heart-breaking

  • 80% of Syrian refugees are women and children; others come from vulnerable populations. They often have nowhere else to go. Families will inevitably be torn apart.

  • Even if our refugee program is reinstated after 120 days – and potentially much longer for Syrians – irreparable damage will be done. Each step of the already-intensive vetting process is time-sensitive: many waiting to enter now will need to restart the 18-24 month process and simultaneously live in constant danger.

  • The United States refugee resettlement program saves lives. Many will be lost.

  • Counter-productive

  • Resettlement is in our national interest. Syrian refugees are a highly educated and skilled population, and are demonstrated to be net contributors to our society.

  • Eviscerating the refugee admissions program and abdicating core American values threatens national security. It feeds the ISIS narrative that we are at war with Islam. It also helps de-stabilize some of our key strategic allies in countries and regions disproportionally affected by forced displacement.

  • The United States already has the most comprehensive vetting system in the world – and NO act of terrorism has been connected to a Syrian refugee. The Department of Homeland Security has already made great strides to make this process more efficient without compromise to national security. Those efforts should be supported, not undermined.

  • Just plain wrong

  • It is profoundly un-American to turn away those seeking safety and to discriminate against groups of people because of nationality and/or religion.

  • A religious litmus test also violates the principles of every faith and mocks those on which our country was founded.

  • Possibly beneficial

  • MFA supports the creation of Safe Zones inside Syria and in surrounding areas, if properly implemented – additive to the resettlement of refugees in the United States. The proposed Executive Order calls for a plan to be developed to provide safe areas in concert with the cessation of refugee processing for all Syrians.

  • Safe Zones can bring immediate relief to those suffering while permitting humanitarian organizations to deliver desperately-needed aid. It may also provide opportunities for safe return to Syria.


  • Call your Members of Congress and the White House -- daily -- and tell them you:

  • OPPOSE the potential Executive Order Protecting the Nation From Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals and

  • URGE the President to refrain from issuing this Executive Order.

Capitol Switchboard:202-225-3121

White House Switchboard:202-456-1111

US House of Representatives:

US Senators

  • Reiterate that you:

  • SUPPORT refugee resettlement and oppose any restriction that would limit Muslim, Syrian, or numbers of entrants. Xenophobia and Islamophobia have no place in United States policy or practice that already ensure national security.

  • Consider organizing VIGILS and PRESS EVENTS opposing this announcement

  • TWEET @realDonaldTrump & @WhiteHouse

  • Sign this PETITION: