Our mission is to act.

Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees (MFA) is the nation's leading interfaith response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

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Who we are.

MFA, with more than 100 faith-based and secular Partner Organizations, is the nation’s leading interfaith response to the Syrian crisis. With its network of trusted local and regional partners, in just three years, MFA has delivered more than $150 million in humanitarian aid to areas of Syria others cannot reach.



Mobilize the interfaith

response to the crisis.


Create awareness of the facts, the needs, and the opportunities for positive action.


Advocate for sensible and humane refugee policies.


Deliver humanitarian aid and raise funds for direct services on the ground.


Cultivate groundbreaking partnerships in the region.

Our mission.

We believe the Syrian crisis is a matter of global urgency and security. We respond by harnessing the collective power of our partners to deliver aid to Syrians whose lives have been disrupted by war; advocating for rational policies; raising awareness of the contributions of the Syrian people, and making a tangible difference in restoring their lives.

Our Network

MFA has assembled a network of more than 100 secular and faith-based organizations, including Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh organizations, committed to responding to the Syrian crisis.


Humanitarian Aid

In just three years, MFA has delivered more than $150 million in medicines, hospital equipment, food, clothing, and other supplies to those in desperate need inside Syria and in bordering refugee camps.


Our established international network of relief suppliers and NGO partners inside Syria enable MFA to get needed relief to hard-to-reach areas — and ensure distribution to the right people — at the right time.


By forging groundbreaking cross-border partnerships, MFA has successfully delivered close to $100 Million of aid through Israel into Syria, and helped to plant seeds for future stability in the region.

MFA has now expanded its relief efforts into northern Syria, where the strength and resilience of the more than 3 million people displaced there is tested daily as they struggle for survival against the dearth of basic necessities, and the chaos of warfare and extremism.

Raising Awareness​

As the war continues into its tenth year, a priority for MFA is keeping the public focused on the Syrian crisis and providing information that helps to overcome the three great fears about Syrian refugees — economic displacement, terrorism and Islamophobia.

MFA counters anti-refugee sentiments by advocating for rational refugee policies that reflect American values, and highlighting the economic and cultural contributions of Syrian refugees to the fabric and strength of our country.

MFA’s policy reform platform supports U.S. policies that underscore the benefits our national security and economic interests would derive from increased Syrian refugee admissions, and advances efforts for appropriate funding for refugee resettlement and foreign aid. multifaithalliance.org/policy.

MFA brings attention to the crisis through activities ranging from speaking engagements and community mobilization, to volunteer relief-packing events. With appearances on programs such as CNN, in-depth interviews on The New Yorker Radio Hour, and an above-the-fold article in The New York Times, MFA utilizes every opportunity to keep the media focused on the crisis.

MFA’s video series, Syrian Voices, is an opportunity to enlighten viewers to the resilience of the Syrian people. Simultaneously, it provides a unique forum for Syrians to speak in their own words and share their personal stories, illuminating the impact of the humanitarian crisis on them.



MFA’s work has forged groundbreaking cooperative efforts between Syrians and Israelis.



MFA advocates and makes recommendations for rational policies for Syrian refugees.

The crisis.

The conflict in Syria has resulted in the worst humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time. The numbers are staggering.

Download MFA's Syrian Crisis In Numbers document as a PDF here.