Betsy Dribben

Director of Policy and Advocacy Initiatives 

Betsy Dribben, the Director of Policy and Advocacy Initiatives for the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, is an attorney with decades of international political and policy experience.


Betsy began her career as a legislative and press aide on Capitol Hill, working for senior members of the House and Senate. She has also been a public relations director for two major nonprofits, including having worked on two sets of Presidential Debates.

She has nearly twenty years advocacy experience at the European Parliament and a decade at the United Nations. At the UN, she served as the chief representative for two nonprofits in their environmental and economic work. Her efforts resulted in key language in the Rio Pus 20 United Nations agreement and regulations in the European Union pertaining to environmental problems.


Her writing has appeared in the Washington Post, the International Herald Tribune, Newsday and the LA Times wire.


As Director of Policy and Advocacy Initiatives for the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, she works on policy and advocacy focused on the Syrian refugee crisis and U.S. resettlement of refugees.

Betsy holds a BA degree from Wheaton College (Norton, MA) an a JD from George Mason University's School of Law.